What is the Candegabe Algorithm?

Created by Dr. Marcelo Candegabe, a new approach towards a mathematical paradigm of homeopathy: a numerical phonetic code as a new standard.
Respecting the totality of symptoms and the vital unbalance, similarity is reached through a code that relates the numerical phonetic properties of substances and those of the patients.

What is its use?

An Algorithm is used to designate any finite ordered set of operations which allows to solve a specific problem.
The HUMA Method is the Mathematical Formula that relates the similarity between the discovered Phonetic-Numeric codes of certain Patient's Data against the immensity of the Homeopathic Materia Medica.

Its formula


What does it mean?

  • S: Phonetic-numeric Code of the Substancy (sustantia).

  • ≈: Similarity.

  • N: Phonetic-numeric Code of the Name of the Patient (nomen – nominis).

  • ^: Conjunctive "and" In this Case N y D.

  • D: Phonetic-numeric Code of the Patient's Birth Date (data).

  • (J): Hierarchy Variable. Refer to the concurrent variables identified to date.

N^D gives the Mathematical Similarity Range (MSR).

(J) estas son:

  1. Impregnancy: a percentage aproximation regarding the patient's tendency to the structure of the kingdoms: mineral, vegetable or animal (See Below).

  2. Consonance: variable that relates the Phonetic-Numeric Code of the Patient's name vowels and the Remedy vowels.

  3. Key Remedies: variable that relates the Phonetic-Numeric Code of the Patient's Name vowels and consonants and the ones of the Remedy.

  4. Secuence: variable that relates the Phonetic-Numeric Code that relates the Enctryption between the Patient's Name vowels and the ones of the Remedy.

Algoritmo Candegabe

Which results do I get?

The Candegabe Algorithm is a tool to be used as a complement to the method of Repertorization and case taking that you commonly use.

This Algorithm adapts itself to your work method on taking medical history and helps obtain the image of the patient's dynamic disease, in accordance with the case taking method you use. You must enter the information of the patient that the H.U.M.A. method requires in order to obtain the algorithmic analysis with the list of remedies suggested by the system, with which you will need to work to find the one that matches your patient the most.

Symmetry of Each Patient

The three kingdoms of nature are expressed in the natural human being; each kingdom influences and predominates at one of the 3 levels of manifestation of the living being. One kingdom will predominate in the manifestation of the outward tendency, another one in the inner experience and another one in its intimate nature. They are like a prism placed in front of the observable that distorts both the external reality and the inner experience.

The natural human being is trapped in a certain symmetry from which he projects himself to the world and lives his interior with the prevalence of the qualities of a single kingdom.

Impregnancia - Simetría

Dynamic of the Patient

The features of the ascended information (Mineral, Vegetal and Animal) regarding the different symmetries generate joints that determine a different vital dynamics for each of these orders. Therefore, at a therapeutic level, the art of questioning will be different.

We will distinguish 3 levels of manifestation in natural human beings:

  • Projection to the world: Tendency
  • Relationship with oneself: Experience.
  • Awareness of one's own self: Nature.
  1. We call Trend to the outward propensity of the living being (man's inclination towards certain ends). Therefore, it is the condition of being, or being in a certain way, or the condition of doing something. It is the way how the living being and the world relate.
  2. We call Experience to the fact of living, or to each person´s own experiencing in relation to the psychological image that appears in his consciousness, in accordance with the emotional qualities that determine him in the relationship with himself.
  3. We call Intimate Nature to a natural condition or tendency typical to each living being. It is that which, maybe at an unconscious level, we carry within us as the most distinctive and particular thing, our own self.

Each being relates to the world in accordance with its Trend, which is linked to the emotional qualities of its Experience. The Intimate Nature is a natural condition or Purpose. It is the foundation of support that will only be presented as rescue, reparation or recovery when the levels of relationship between the person and the world, and with the person itself, fail. This is what we will later develop as the existential dynamics of the different symmetries.


Impregnancia - Dinámica

Directed Interrogation


Questions should be asked in order to establish a link of “consonance” with the deeper nature of the individual, especially if knowledge of the Impregnology Theory is used in a therapeutic manner.

Only then it will provide answers that must be in accordance with the information that the person questioned has voluntarily given us.

We ask the questions to the nature that lies deep within the patient.

Questions should be precisely directed to get the answers from a distant level of consciousness. They will then behave as “triggers” of information.

Let´s take as an example someone who reaches us in need of therapeutic help due to a certain problem or circumstance in his life. In accordance with the kingdom that prevails in his relationship with the world, if Vegetal Information prevails over this person due to its symmetry, he will “tune to” the question “How did that circumstance make you feel?.” When faced to the same fact, a person with Mineral prevalence towards the world will do so with the question “What did you think about that circumstance?” And if the prevalence is Animal the consonance will be given by the question “How did you react under that circumstance?” Experience indicates that these simple questions place the circumstantial questioned patient in the true field of his existential reality in such a way that his answers will be considered of a decisive value in the path of self-realization, both for a better understanding of himself and that of the attending therapist.

Impregnancia - Interrogatorio Dirigido

Combined Analysis (CAS)

It is the analysis of the sum of all mathematical hierarchy variables that have been discovered up to the present times.

In this way, the best ranked remedies with which the patient's symptomatology has to be compared are portrayed from left to right. Experience indicates that the most suitable one will be among the first 14 remedies.


Análsis Combinado (SAC)

Main Analysis

It is the unfolded development of the main variables, within those found up to now, arranged in a way that makes it possible to combine them for a better reading of the system operator. In this analysis, the list of medicines mathematically indicated by the Algorithm can be hierarchized by prioritizing CAS, Kingdoms or alphabetical order, to compare it with other studies from the Medical Field.

It also allows you to combine these variables and add a NOTE with a short comment. The entire exercise can be saved in a PDF for further study.


Análsis Combinado (SAC)